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Food Photo Friday #29: Lunch @ Bubba Gump

Food: Shrimper’s Heaven/ Consumed at: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, Santa Monica, CA/ Date: January, 2016

A trip down to the seaside at Santa Monica wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Bubba Gump’s, which is perched up on the pier with a great view of the sea (and the hot lifeguards in training).

Because of the time of year, Santa Monica was pretty chilly, so Loren and I decided to head inside for some much needed warmth and food at Bubba Gump. Loren had visited a Bubba Gump before during a previous trip to the States, but this was my first visit to the Forrest Gump themed restaurant. Everything was themed to perfection, and we even got given a quick Forrest Gump quiz by our waiter, who was one of the loveliest waiters I ever had during my time in the States.

For lunch I chose the Shrimper’s Heaven, which was comprised of “hand breaded coconut shrimp, grilled shrimp, crisp golden shrimp and tempura shrimp with fries. And of course great homemade dippin’ sauces like tangy asian, cajun marmalade and zesty cocktail.”

Served in four cute cocktail-shaped baskets, it was definitely was a shrimp lover’s heaven. My personal favourites of the four were the grilled shrimp and crisp golden shrimp and all off the sauces worked really well to compliment the shrimp.

For drinks I went for the Secret Mango Sparkler (if I remember correctly), which was a non-alcoholic slushy, with a secret kick and was delicious. It also came with a souvenir Bubba Gump glass which you picked up on the way out of the restaurant.

I would definitely consider going back and would recommend it for anyone who loves seafood, because the options are vast and varied. The prices were also reasonable, not cheap, but not too pricey either!


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