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Throwback Thursday: Farm Life in France

Sitting here with my laptop in front of me and my phone buzzing with Facebook and Snapchat notifications next to me, it’s hard to imagine this time two years ago I was internet-less and phone signal-less for almost two months.


Yep, that’s right. Two years ago I spent three months living on a farm in a little village called Vicq-sur-Breuilh which is just outside of Limoges. I was living with my aunty and uncle and neither of them had the need for internet, so I was essentially disconnected from the inter-webs for quite a while.

Initially I wasn’t sure how I would cope. I’d downloaded a whole lot of TV shows to watch, I had a stack of books and helped out my aunty with errands and cooking whenever I could. It was a very different and simple way of life and I actually really enjoyed it. One thing everyone seemed to love was eating and drinking which, if you can’t already tell, is definitely my favourite thing, so I fit right in. Lunch and dinner parties were a thing, and they lasted for hours. I also picked up a much better understanding of French than anything I’d ever learnt at school, which I will be forever grateful for. I just kick myself everyday because I was always too nervous to practice speaking it, so while I might understand a whole lot more French, my attempts at speaking it are abysmal to say the least.

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