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Food Photo Friday #31: Lunch @ The Workshop

Food: Pumpkin and chorizo tart & chocolate cake/ Consumed at: The Workshop, Silverdale, Auckland/ Date: July 2016

This cute little place is a new one that opened at the beginning of the year in the industrial area of Silverdale. You’d never know it was there if you weren’t in-the-know.

Apologies in advance for the snapchat quality photos, I was feeling self-conscious taking photos of my food with my front-facing camera. 

Newly back at my old job in Silverdale I was happy to hear that a new cafe had opened up just around the corner from where I work. My work is in a bit of an awkward place if you don’t have a car, so The Workshop opening just up the road was the best news.

It’s located in old shipping containers and doesn’t look like much from the outside. But inside it has a very “workshop” feel to it with cool decor and lots of light streaming in from all corners of the cafe. You could tell how popular the place is because by the time I rocked up, there was only a small selection left, with empty spots where people had snatched up their favourite tasty morsels.

I went for a pumpkin and chorizo tart, followed by a beautiful looking chocolate cake and a caramel latte to wash it all down. The tart was accompanied by some tasty chutney which went really well with the tart. I was actually really impressed by the tart. I think sometimes the filling can get a bit too dry, but this one was perfect and the pieces of chorizo gave it a variety in texture.

The chocolate cake wasn’t a slice of cake, but it’s own mini cake. Gluten-free, it was drizzled in chocolate icing and topped with freeze-dried raspberries and a purple pansy. The cake was deliciously moist (ok, I hate that word so much, but when it comes to describing cake, it has to be used) and had those freeze-dried raspberries through it as well. I would definitely, definitely recommend it, but a workmate of mine said the carrot cake is to-die-for.

All-in-all a very cool place, the staff are lovely and it’s very popular with all the workers around the area. I’m definitely going to go back to try some of their other cabinet treats. Also apparently they mix it up everyday with what’s on offer in the cabinet, so you never quite know what they’ll have, which is exciting non?

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