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Food Photo Friday #32: Lunch @ Hello Friends + Allies

Food: Deconstructed cured salmon salad/ Consumed at: Hello Friends + Allies, Auckland/ Date: August 2016

The day ended with some of the most exciting news I’ve received in a while, but naturally it all started with a little bite to eat in the loveliest of places.

I am that person who scrolls through Instagram looking at all the pretty and delicious looking food people have been eating and scouting out a new cafe spot to check out. Sure, I have my favourites, but I love variety and love trying new things, especially when it comes to food.

Deconstructed salmon salad

This time round it was off down the road to Epsom to a gorgeous cafe called Hello Friends + Allies. I’d driven past a couple of times and had always loved the look of it from the outside and inside was even better!

I’m a bit obsessed with plants and botany hanging from the ceilings and sitting on shelves in cafes. It gives it a feeling of being alive and almost ethereal, which I love.

I got there just after noon and it was packed with the lunchtime rush, so if you’re wanting a bit of quieter experience I’d recommend going a little earlier or waiting half an hour to an hour after 12pm to miss the rush.

Apart from the pretty plants that were hanging from the ceiling, the first thing that caught my eye was the food on offer on display in the cabinet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cabinet with so many delicious looking sweet and savoury treats. It all looked to-die-for.

I chose the deconstructed cured salmon salad which arrived as the name says; deconstructed. It was a colourful arrangement of shredded carrot, cucumber, daikon, ginger and coriander, roasted peanuts with house cured salmon all topped with a Japanese dressing and crunchy prawn crackers on the side. I loved the salad, but feel like it may be an acquired taste for some, the salmon and dressing in particular. This was obviously all washed down with a caramel latte and I grabbed one of the their HUGE berry meringues to-go.

I rate this place so so much and it’s obvious by how packed it was, that a lot of other people rate it too. I will be back for sure to see my “friends and allies” again very soon!

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