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Currently: August 2016

This month has been a pretty huge month for me. Well in truth, this last week has been a huge week for me. Why? Because I have my first full-time job y’all.

Despite feeling that pull to go back to the USA still, the past month I’ve almost accepted that New Zealand is where I’ll be for a bit longer. But what definitely set that all into stone was getting an editorial assistant role at New Zealand Weddings Magazine. I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out! It’s my first full time and media-related job and I honestly couldn’t be more excited or grateful. There’s a lot to learn, but that’s what makes it so exciting.

So far the first week has been absolutely amazing. My first week coincided with New Zealand Fashion Week and NZ Weddings holds two fashion shows as part of it, so I got to experience the full excitement and craziness that accompanies one of the busiest times of the year for the publication. So yes, while I’d still love to be back at Disney, this new job has definitely given me something new to focus on and be excited about and it’s a relief to feel like I’m finally (I say finally, but it’s only really been about 6 months since I graduated,) starting my career!


Reading: A whole lot of different magazine titles from the company that I work for. Absolutely loving Dish Magazine for some delicious inspiration. I also went to the library and borrowed a few books. I’m currently reading the non-fiction book Evolving Ourselves by Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans. I might do a review of it once I’ve finished.

Watching: So I finally got around to sitting down and starting to slowly catch up with all the shows I missed while away. I’m now up to date with Reign and Stitchers and am currently getting up to date with Suits and The Musketeers. I’m also looking forward to start watching the new ITV series Victoria with Jenna Coleman. 

Listening to: Been listening to Frank Ocean‘s banger of a new album. Loving “Nikes”, “Ivy” and I think everyone is in love with “Self Control.” I also went to a Selena Gomez concert the other week and one of her opening acts was a Kiwi guy named Thomson and he was absolutely amazing live and I’ve been listening to a few of his originals and they’re pretty mint.

Dreaming of:Being in the sun and warmth. This gloomy, cold winter weather hasn’t been my fave of late.

Planning: Nothing in particular at the moment. I’ve planned a bit of bit of a budget though with my new pay so I can start saving like an adult.

Making: Lots of little mistakes. Okay, not really (yet). But I’ve definitely got a lot to learn in my new job and I know that part of it may be making a few mistakes here and there. The main thing is that I learn from them and never make them again!

Enjoying: Having a big girl job! As crazy as it might sound, I have been excited to get a 9-5 job for a while now. I guess I’ve been craving a bit of structure to my sometimes chaotic and sometimes agonisingly boring life. I think it’s nice to know I have something to go to 5 days a week, with the weekend to just chill and do whatever. Rather than always being at one of the extremes.

Eating: At cafes a lot! I should probably start bringing food to work, otherwise all that new money is just going to straight back down the drain!

Goal setting: Maybe this is where I should’ve actually mentioned budgets, but I have a few big goals in mind for saving. The first, is a car. I need one, stat. The second is travel and the third is a long-time goal, which is to save for a house.

Lusting over: Some of those models at New Zealand Fashion Week. There were a couple of lookers there aye. 


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Hello, I'm Anya. A twentysomething with a love for travel, food and a good read. Current day job was also my childhood dream job: working for a magazine (although these days I work in the digital sphere). Feel free to say hi!

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