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Travelling to Los Angles from Auckland, NZ

And so it begins, the recount of my adventures in the USA. It’s no secret that I was terrible at blogging while overseas, and by terrible I mean I blogged a grand total of ZERO times while I was away, but never fear, I’m back and hopefully staying around for a bit!

Auckland to Los Angeles:

I flew out of Auckland on an Air New Zealand flight a little after 10pm which meant it was the perfect time to have a sleep. I was arriving in LA in the late afternoon, so I planned to sleep for the majority of the flight and then wake up for the last few hours. Lucky for me, the one other person in my row disappeared for the entire flight so I got three whole seats to myself and slept like a baby (neck pillow, check) and woke up just in time to eat lunch and see the outlines of the City of Angels outside my window. We touched down in the late afternoon and I lugged my suitcases out of the terminal in search for a bus that was heading to towards Hollywood Boulevard.

In hindsight I would definitely recommend booking a SuperShuttle if you’re travelling solo and there is no transportation that gets you right up close to where you’re staying. I used this service to get back to LAX and used it several times on latter occasions in Washington DC and NYC. This time round though, being a LA rookie and slightly naive, I opted to catch a bus from the airport to my hostel. Needless to say, after LA’s gridlock traffic, and the early January sunset, I stepped out of the bus in a foreign city with 6 months worth of luggage and attempted to stumble my way to my hostel. After quite a few wrong turns in the dark, I finally found my way (it was a bloody long walk up the Hollywood Walk of Fame, let me tell you,) to Banana Bungalow Hostel Hollywood and met up with my friend from Australia who would be doing the Disney College Program with me and would also (hopefully) be one of my roommates!

I was exhausted once I made it to our room, and after a quick chat about what we should do the following day, I crashed, resting up for my first full day in Los Angeles, California.


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