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Food Photo Friday #33: Dinner @ Jack Tar, Auckland

Food: Red Shed Sliders, Greens & a Cocktail/ Consumed at:Jack Tar, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland/ Date: December 2016

Jack Tar is one of those places I go back to time and time again. Many times to celebrate the end of a uni year or semester, sometimes for a farewell, but this time was to celebrate the end of the working year!

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to go for the same-old same-old, so if I’m heading back to a place where I’ve eaten before, I usually like to try something different to what I ate previous times. This day was no different.

I wasn’t feeling too hungry, so opted for the Red Shed Sliders. There are three different sliders and you can choose to have three of the same, or one of each. I went for one of each, obviously. Each of them were delicious, and it is actually really hard for me to pick a favourite. The three options were, “beef ‘n’ cheese; pulled pork Memphis style, or beer battered fresh fish” each stuffed with delicious slaws as well. I also grabbed a side of steamed greens with garlic butter, which also had a slight hit with a sprinkling of chilli flakes, which I loved. This was all washed down with a scrumptious cocktail, whose name escapes me… It was “kiwi” something. You’ll know it when you see it!

As usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach, because I ordered a hot chocolate brownie for dessert which left me absolutely stuffed and pretty much rolled out of the restaurant afterwards. All-in-all another great time at Jack Tar, I’ll be back soon, I’m sure.

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Hello, I'm Anya. A twentysomething with a love for travel, food and a good read. Current day job was also my childhood dream job: working for a magazine (although these days I work in the digital sphere). Feel free to say hi!

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