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The first taste of DC | Washington DC Day 1

This time last year I was finishing off my USA trip (in NYC to be exact,) and getting ready to settle back down to the realities of job hunting at home, here in New Zealand.

Naturally I’ve decided this is the perfect time to heighten my thirst for travel by re-living the past (read: I’m terrible at actually writing these blogs in a timely manner, so a one-year throwback is just an excuse to make it look like this was planned all along). So on that note, here’s what I was up to a year ago…


Up before the crack of dawn, I farewelled by apartment and housemates at Chatham (one of the four complexes you can stay at while working at Disney World,) goodbye. It was a teary one, that’s for sure, but I also knew that these were people I would see again, and no doubt very soon. (I was right by the way, about six months later I’d seen 5/7 of them, so I haven’t done too badly.)

Onto a plane Georgie and I hopped, headed for the capital of the USA, Washington DC.

We’d booked a shuttle (Super Shuttle is my best friend,) to pick us up from the airport which would then take us to our hotel. We got in before our check-in time, so dropped off our bags and decided to take a wander and familiarise ourselves with our new surroundings.

Our hotel, The District Hotel, was in the uber cool area of Bloomingdale. The small neighbourhood was lined with trees and adorable Victorian-style townhouses (which have even featured in the opening credits of House of Cards). Rainbow flags blew in the breeze outside every shop, restaurant and café we passed (I don’t know if this was a direct reaction in support and solidarity for the victims of the horrific Pulse night club shooting that had occurred in Orlando just days before I left, but I don’t doubt the same flags would be flying loud and proud all-year round). It was a fairly quiet area during the day, but there was an underlying buzz about the place.

While the majority of important and touristy landmarks and activities (think National Mall and Capitol Hill), were a decent half hour walk from the hotel, we found, over the coming days, that we enjoyed the walk as much as we enjoyed checking out the destination and with majority of the walk being fairly flat (something you don’t have the leisure of being from volcanic city, Auckland) there were no complaints from us.

Tummies rumbling, we stumbled across a place called Rice Bar that served create-your-own bibimbap (weirdly, the first time I’ve actually tried bibimbap ­– time to go to Korea?? I think yes). Bellies satisfied, we got our wander back on, slowly making our way to Lafayette Square. On the way we came across Renwick Gallery, where we popped in for a good look around and a lie down (see the last photo, below).

After a fleeting look at the White House (we’d be back), we headed back to our hotel to check-in. We discovered a Whole Foods a few blocks up from us, (score!) so scurried up there for some cheap (but yummy) dinner to take back to the hotel for an early night so we could chill and plan out our next three days in Washington DC.

Anyone been to Washington DC before? I’d love to know your favourite places to visit, eat or stay. Let me know in the comments! 


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