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Day on the Mall | Washington DC Day 2

Day two in the capital saw us visiting the White House, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial just to name a few. If you haven’t already, you can check out Day 1 here.

I’d like to say we woke bright and early to make the most of the day, but that would be a lie. Instead, we left the hotel closer to lunch time and made our way to the mall (no, not the National Mall, that would come later, but an actual shopping centre). Window-shopping for a wee bit we made our way down to the Monument’s Reflecting Pool, the scene from Forrest Gump playing in my head. By this time the hot summer sun was already beating down on us, but we persevered.


We slowly made our way from the Monument end of the pool, up to the Lincoln Memorial, where I was weirdly more interested in the ceiling – don’t ask. It was an amazing view from inside the memorial looking down across the pool and to the towering Monument in the distance. Lots of photographs were taken.


In search for food we found ourselves at the George Washington University Campus, which was actually very pretty. There were a lot of really lovely townhouses and hipster cafes around the campus. Despite this, being the basic bitches that we are, we headed to Starbucks. Wifi had been very patchy at the hotel so we needed a good internet fix for an hour or two. Armed with a sandwich, coffee AND a smoothie, we were sorted.

Wanting to see the sunset from the Lincoln Memorial (I’d recommend it,) we strolled back down slowly to National Mall. We spent the rest of the late afternoon people watching (we witnessed an engagement just a few metres in front of us,) and then watched the beautiful sunset.

We’d planned to head out to a restaurant for dinner in Bloomingdale, but after a quick look around, everything looked very busy, so it was back to Whole Foods for us (why do these not exist in New Zealand?) and resting up for a busy day of being culture vultures at some of the Smithsonians the following day.

Anyone been to Washington DC before? I’d love to know your favourite places to visit, eat or stay. Let me know in the comments!


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