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Food Photo Friday #34: Lunch @ Gerome

Food: (featured above) Roasted cauliflower and oysters/ Consumed at: Gerome, Parnell, Auckland / Date: May 2017.

There are definitely a lot of perks to my job, and one of them is going to media and PR events where many times you’re treated to a delicious meal while you learn about the latest beauty products, important news, or new innovations.

This time in particular we had a PR event at the newly opened Gerome in Parnell, housed in the same building that the famous Iguacu used to be. I was instantly impressed by the classiness of the place. Plush seats downstairs and a nice and open, loft-like space upstairs. We were treated to a delicious cocktail on arrival, from memory mine was a bright turquoise margarita that had caught my eye as soon as I’d seen it.

Next came the presentation (which was really interesting by the way, it was about gems and I definitely walked away with a whole lot of newfound knowledge – and a very full tummy,) which took place while we ate. And man, the food just kept coming and coming.

We were first treated to a platter of breads and dips – “buttermilk pita bread, taramasalata, greek fava & capers, house olives, sumac” to be exact, and plates of fresh oysters. The taramasalata was absolutely amazing. Everyone commented on how freaking delicious it was.

Next came a very interesting, green and pink dish which I soon discovered was a kind of avocado mousse on top of salmon. Not the weirdest ingredients to put together, but the flavours (due to the sauces and ingredients used in the mousse and tossed with the salmon,) were very different to what you’d expect. I can’t seem to find it on the menu – it was definitely an interesting combination of flavours and textures, that’s for sure.

Also brought out with the mystery dish was probably my favourite of the day, (with the exception of the exceptional taramasalata,) the roasted cauliflower. It was nicely roasted and sprinkled with capers and pomegranate seeds and drizzled with a sour cream vinaigrette. So so good!

Another highlight was the seared saganaki (a Greek cheese) with peppered figs and northland honey. The combination of the saltiness of the saganaki and the sweetness of the figs and honey was divine, and the contrast of textures from the soft and juicy figs to the firm cheese was a winning combo.

There’s so many other delicious sounding dishes on the menu that I’d love to try, so I would love to go back! I think I’d definitely order the cauliflower dish and saganaki dish again and the platter of breads and dips, just for that delicious taramasalata.

Have you been to Gerome or want to visit? Let me know in the comments what you thought of it, or what dishes you can’t wait to try!


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