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Food Photo Friday #35: Dinner @ Happy Boy

Food: Pork burger, KFC and Peach Iced Tea Slushie/ Consumed at: Happy Boy, Royal Oak, Auckland/ Date: 22.07.2017

Royal Oak was the busiest I’ve ever seen it on a Saturday when I stopped into the brand new Happy Boy last Saturday. It’s difficult to miss with its neon lights pulsing from within. Walking inside is like being transported straight into a video game, it’s uber cool.

The place was buzzing, there was a massive line of people waiting for tables which almost put us off, but after being told it would only be a half hour wait (which turned out only being about 20 minutes,) we were happy to wait around and soak up the atmosphere.

We got there just after 6.30pm and the place was filled with young families digging into delicious burgers and sides. When we left, close to around 8pm the crowds had died down and there was no wait. So if you want to be seated quickly, best to go a bit later.

I’d already decided what I wanted before heading there (I’m one of those people who takes an age to decide what to eat because I generally want to try everything) – the pork burger, with a side of KFC (Korean Fried Chicken, duh and the perfect way to complement my current Korean-exclusive music playlist).


The food menu is pretty minimal (which is a good thing). The burgers, all served in bao buns are a nice light alternative to your traditional burger bun (I’m a sucker for bao buns in general, so I was all for it). My pork bun was filled with a free range pork bun patty, kimchi, fancy lettuce, smoked cheddar and black sesame mayo.

And now to get to the Korean Fried Chicken. Man, oh man. Hands down the best chicken wings I can remember having in (perhaps?) forever. It was inevitable that I’d get deliciously sticky sauce ALL over my hands, but every drop was worth it.


To be honest I could’ve eaten just the wings as a main, as they came in a decent size with about five wings. I didn’t end up finishing them, so took a couple takeaway to enjoy in the comfort of my own home (where people wouldn’t judge the fact I probably looked like a five-year-old with all the sauce I got everywhere).

This was all washed down with a peach iced tea slushie (they have some amazing sounding alcoholic slushies, but I couldn’t quite justify a $15 slushie over a $6 one). I also had a taste of the squid rings (deliciously crunching on the outside and the right amount of soft and chewy on the inside,) and a few of the shoestring fries.

All in all, with ever popular Nanam just down the road, the food scene looks to slowly be on the rise for the humble ‘burb of Royal Oak. I’ll be back to Happy Boy very soon for a bite of a different burger and of course, the soon to be famous KFC, because maaaaaaate.

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