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Food Photo Friday #37: Lunch @ Wu & You, Auckland

Wu & You Auckland

Food: Tuna Sashimi Pizza, Wok Fried Broccolini, Mr Krab’s Nori Taco, Yuzu Pot/ Consumed at:Wu & You, Mt Eden, Auckland / Date: 25 April 2018.

I’d been hanging out for about a month to try this place ever since it had opened. Working alongside food magazine Dish, I had gotten the low-down, which had obviously made me even more eager to try it.

On ANZAC day I headed with a bunch of friends to Wu & You, an restaurant with a similar approach as Melbourne’s Mr Miyagi, for lunch. I was on a bit of a tight budget and also am supposed to be doing the Biggest Loser Challenge at work, so those were the two things stopping me from ordering literally everything on the menu.

I’d had a squiz at the menu the night before (indecisiveness is a major flaw of mine) I’d made up my mind already of what I would be getting (surprisingly no dumplings for me this time which is incredibly unlike me).

I almost broke my decision, but persevered and ordered the Tuna Sashimi Pizza from the “Little Guys” menu, Mr Krab’s Nori Taco from their “Loners” menu, Wok Fried Broccolini from their “Sides” menu and as a tasty finale, a Yuzu Pot from their “Happy Endings” menu.

The Food:

Wu & You Auckland deep fried taco


I started with the Tuna Sashimi Pizza which was comprised of yellow fin tuna, avocado, tobiko (fish roe), kewpie mayonnaise and purple shiso all sat on a thin wafer/cracker. I really loved this as a starter. It was light and refreshing and could easily have eaten another three plates, easy.

Wu & You Auckland nori taco

Next was the dish I had been eagerly awaiting: Mr Krab’s Nori Taco. Pretty much an epic seafood taco, but instead of a hardshell tortilla they’ve deep-fried sheets of nori โ€“ genius. Presented in a fun cardboard holder that read “every now and then I fall apart” this particular nori taco was stuffed with tempura soft shell crab, sushi rice, guacamole, jalapeno and topped with curried mayo. The menu describes it as “100% epic” and epic it was. I really enjoyed it, all the ingredients worked really well and the rice was a good addition as the nori had that fried greasyness to it (not necessary a bad thing though) and along with the fried crab, the rice balanced it out well.

After deciding I was definitely not recording my calories into My Fitness Pal today, I was glad to finish the meal with a plate of the Wok Fried Broccolini which was marinated in mushroom oyster sauce and sprinkled with pork crackling, a good palate cleanser after the greasy (but delicious) dish I’d just consumed. I feel like this particular batch was a little over cooked as it was pretty soft and I prefer a tiny bit of crunch but overall a solid dish.

By now, I was absolutely stuffed. But somehow I convinced myself dessert was still a great idea. My colleague had spoken very highly of the Golden Gaytime Paddle Pop, essentially New York Cheesecake on a stick, and while it sounded incredibly appealing โ€“ think frozen New York Cheesecake, chocolate ganache, miso caramel and cookie crumbs, I was feeling more of a fruity vibe on this particular day. Because of this I went for the Yuzu Pot: lemon and yuzu curd, yoghurt mousse, pistachio and lemon meringue shards. It was very lemony in the best way possible, but maybe a little too sweet (I can’t believe I’m saying this), for my liking. To be honest maybe just one layer of the curd with all the rest yoghurt mousse would have probably suited me better, but each to their own I guess. I still really enjoyed it though.

In the end we left with very full tummies and a complimentary fortune cookie. While the price broke the bank a bit, I wouldn’t mind paying it again, as I felt like it met the quality of the food and service. Unfortunately this time around I didn’t try any of the cocktails, but I’ve heard some great things, so I’ll definitely be back to try more things on the menu place a cheeky cocktail or two.

Have you been to Wu & You yet? Would love to know what you thought! Drop me a comment below!

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