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Disneyland Hong Kong (5 Days in Hong Kong: Part 2)

Disneyland Hong Kong

This series of blogs begins with a sad prologue: The phone that I took all my photos on while I was away has since died before I could get all the photos off it, so the visual storytelling of these posts will be reliant on Snapchat and Instagram posts, so bear with…

If you haven’t read about my first day in Hong Kong, you can check that out here.

*scroll down for my top tips and insights, otherwise feel free to read on from below*

Ok, let’s begin: Day Two in Hong Kong was one I’d been looking forward to as soon as my Mum announced we’d be stopping in Hong Kong for a few days. For me, Disneyland was a given — period. This strong sense of need originates from my previous job: working for Disney World in Orlando, FL back in 2016. It was like a homecoming… except like in a different country, but Disney is Disney.

In case you are new to my blog and are unaware, I love public transport. Auckland public transport is an exception (which I unfortunately take everyday as I am car-less), but if I head to a different country, a good public transport system is what I live for (it was the only way I got around Paris, New York and London) and is generally budget friendly. To get from our friend’s place to Disneyland we caught two MTRs (Mass Transit Railways) before hoping on the designated “Disney” MTR, which had Mickey-shaped windows (cute).
Disneyland Hong Kong MTR

Everything was decorated for Christmas, with giant Christmas trees and wreaths and bells hanging from all of Main Street which was so cool to see.

Hyper Space Mountain Hong KongFirst things first we headed over to Future World to go and ride ex-Space Mountain, which has now been renamed Hyper-Space Mountain to fit into the Star Wars theme that Future World is turning/expanding into. Once upon a time this was my favourite ride (this has now been over-taken by Rockin’ Rollercoaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida), and still is super fun. I am yet to leave without tears streaming out of my eyes (I have sensitive eyes guys – seriously).

Pooh Disneyland Hong Kong

It was then off to Fantasyland, where we took pics with some of our fave character, Tigger and Pooh, re-created photos of ourselves on Dumbo and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups from literally 10 years ago when we’d visited as a family, and of course went to visit the little New Zealand doll in It’s A Small World. We also had a walk around the Fairy Tale Forest which wasn’t there when we’d last visited.

Disneyland Hong Kong

One of the absolute highlights was going to Toy Story Land. This was definitely not there last time we visited and was home to a couple of the more intense rides including RC Racer. I actually chickened out initially and it wasn’t until later in the day that I agreed to go on (reluctantly), twice. It was also home to Toy Soldier Parachute Drop – pretty much the Toy Story equivalent of Disney World’s Tower of Terror, where you’re sat on parachutes that drop up and down, rather than an elevator.

Mystic Manor Disneyland Hong Kong

We also made it to Mystic Manor, which was pretty cool, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars was another favourite ride of mine. What I would call a mash between Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Big Thunder Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom (sorry for all these Disney World comparisons – it’s hard not to since I literally spent 6 months of my life there). We also went for a night ride on the Jungle River Cruise.


  1. Eat a big breakfast before you go, and get there early!
  2. Catch the Disney MTR to get there. It’s super cute and convenient.
  3. Bring comfortable shoes, you’ll be waiting in lines a lot.
  4. Get fast passes for popular rides like Hyper Space Mountain.
  5. GO ON RIDES DURING THE PARADES AND FIREWORKS. I cannot reiterate this enough. Particularly during the final fireworks display (which is of course beautiful) because there are NO LINES. By taking advantage of this while everyone was congregated around Main Street, we we were able to go on Hyperspace Mountain 6 times in a row, before running across to Toy Story Land to go on the Toy Story Parachute Drop and the RC Racer 3 times. It is really really worth it, particularly if there were rides you skipped earlier in the day because of the long lines.

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On a train. 12am. Post-Disney.✨

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And so, that was pretty much my day! And what a long day it was. We then proceeded to catch three MTRs back home and got a very late dinner (McDonalds at midnight), before hitting the hay. Unfortunate I don’t have more pics, thanks to my broken phone, but you’ll just have to go visit for yourself to see it 😉

Have you been to any of the Disney’s before? What are some of your favourite attractions of things to do? Let me know in the comments below!

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