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Noël en France

Despite the fact that I had been dreaming for a white Christmas, that wasn’t to be the case, but my Christmas was lovely all the same! It was spent eating and drinking far too much and it was definitely special to have spent it with family that I don’t get to see very often. Here is a collection of photos I took during my short stay back in Vicq-sur-Breuilh. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years!

Winter Wonderland: Cardiff

Leading up to the opening of Winter Wonderland in Cardiff I would walk past the park and see all the different parts being built and lights being hung up and in addition to the pretty Christmas lights and displays in town, it really was beginning to feel like Christmas. Seeing as this was my first Winter Wonderland experience (because I’m used to a  hot summer Christmas,) I was very excited, especially excited for the ice skating rink in fact. I ended up heading to Winter Wonderland twice. Once with just two of my friends, and the second time with the majority of my flat and the flat next door, which was a lot of fun. The highlights included; ice skating, going on the giant swing ride and eating Nutella and banana crepes!

Quick Trip to Vanuatu (Throwback)| May 2014

Around this time last year my Dad’s football (or soccer, whatever you want to call it,) team organised a team and family trip to Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation (close to New Caledonia) and where my Dad is from. My Dad’s team-mates and their families stayed for a week, but due to me having uni the following week I stayed one night… Talk about a short trip. Despite only going for one night it was totally worth it because it was so lovely to be engulfed in warmth and be able to go swimming, which I hadn’t done in literally seven months. Anyhoo, here are a few photos from my very short trip: Ready for the trip! View from our room The resort lobby… thing The resort’s jetty Ferrying back to the resort Being photographic and shit Ferrying back to the resort from the mainland Entrance to the resort… at night. View of the mainland from our island resort The resort restaurant (that guy in the white shirt was HOT) Pool by the resturant …

Out & About | April 2014

Today I went for a little outing to the Auckland Royal Easter Show! Nearly every year I’ve trudged along to the Royal Easter Show, I used to love it as a kid, but as I grew up it slowly got less and less interesting for me. This year though, despite the wet and the cold, I actually had a really great time! I ended up staying for seven hours, which “wows” even me. Along with the carnival games and rides there was a petting zoo, a marketplace and an art exhibition which I personally loved the most. I love art. I’m not very good at it, but most of my family are, so I have an appreciation for it definitely! I think I also had a bit too much bad food for one day too, but it was worth it! Here are a few pictures I took during the day, including my OOT (outfit of the day). Wet weather Outfit of the Day Wearing: Rain Jacket: ASOS Black Skinny Jeans: ASOS Petite Plain Grey Tshirt: …

Happy Easter | April 2014

It’s that time of year again, where stuffing your face with chocolate doesn’t make you look like a pig. via Pinterest It has crept up on me so fast, but Easter is finally here! There is nothing better than getting a whole lot of chocolate! And, not only do I get Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday off but, I am officially on holiday for two weeks! While it’s not going to be all relaxing and partying due to more assignments due after the hols (*sigh*,) it does mean that the pressure is off and I can take it all at my own pace. The past couple of days I’ve started packing most of my things into boxes so that it’s easier for me to move things into my new bedroom which will hopefully (fingers crossed,) be finished before I go to Europe. The Europe trip is creeping up on me too, in just a couple of weeks I’ll be able to say that I’m going to Europe next month, that is so bloody …