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Currently: August

August seemed like such a long month thanks to me having 101 things to do, but the countdown is on until I can finally graduate! Here’s what I got up to last month. CURRENTLY: Reading: Shorthand text books. I’m not enjoying it one bit. Watching: Suits and Teen Wolf! Listening to: I’m was never much of a Justin Bieber fan, but I’m digging his new song. Also found this British guy called Ben Khan. Dreaming of: My trip to the USA next year! Planning: My USA Trip which is super exciting and I cannot wait! Making: Assessment schedules… again, also vlogs! Enjoying: having a quick break from uni and having my friend from Cardiff in New Zealand! Eating: /drinking, lots of tea. Excited for: Graduation in December, also have a ball in October! Goal setting: Find myself a job. If anyone’s hiring let me know, yeah? Learning: The dreaded shorthand again. Lusting over: Pictures of lotus tattoos.

Currently: July

This month I’m back at uni for MY LAST SEMESTER EVER. It’s pretty crazy and I’m kind of at the point where I just want it all to be over already! So what do I have planned for after I graduate? I have a couple of things in the works, none of which have been confirmed yet and the first won’t be confirmed until late-August. You guys might remember my 2016 wish-list that included going over to the US… Let that be a clue of what my plans might be, but they could be happening much sooner/in a different way than I had ever expected! In the meantime, catch up on what I got up to last month. CURRENTLY: Reading: Over the past month I’ve been reading a lot of Woman’s Day because of my internship there, but I’m now back to the academic readings for uni assignments. Watching: Suits! It was recommended to me by quite a lot of people and I’m so glad I started it, because I love it! Listening to: I’m sure you roll your eyes …

Currently: May 2015

Happy Queen’s Birthday Weekend! If there’s one thing this month has been, it’s that it’s been crazy. Not particularly in a good way, more like crazy busy, crazy stressed. With one week left of my second-to-last semester, deadlines have been creeping up and tests have been a plenty. I definitely still feel like I’m doing the right course, but the workload is mental and the bar has definitely been lifted for our final year. There hasn’t been much to report of late. I’ve started working again now and again to try and get those dollar bills, but having to juggle it with uni work has been difficult. I did go on a police-ridealong on a Friday night though it was honestly the coolest and most exciting experience ever. Everyone was so lovely and absolutely hilarious, if I ever want a career change I know where to go. In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been doing this month. CURRENTLY: Reading: “Dragonfly In Amber” by Diana Gabaldon (#2 in the Outlander series) Watching: Outlander (duh), …

Exciting Announcement

No guys, unfortunately I can’t announce that I’m about to marry the beautiful human pictured above, BUT I still have some exciting news which I’m super pumped to be sharing with everyone. If you’ve read my TV Schedule post or follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I am pretty obsessed with the TV show Outlander. In order to not bombard you all with constant Outlander posts, I decided it would be best to channel that passion to somewhere more appropriate, so it is with great excitement that I can now announce that I am now a contributor to the awesomely fun website, Fangirlish. My role is to contribute towards the Outlander fandom by updating everyone on what’s going on with the books, the show and the stars! You can find almost any fandom on the website, so if you’re a huge fan of a particular TV show, film franchise, band or book series, you should definitely check it out! So far I’ve written two posts, one of them a recap of episode 1×11: The Devil’s …

Easter Walks & Coming Up Soon

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! In Auckland we were treated to mostly beautiful weather (Sunday excluded,) and yesterday I took advantage of that by going for a walk with Moana at Waiatarua Park. I also thought I’d take this chance to let you know what’s coming up in the next couple of months. I am currently on holiday for two weeks, but after that it’s back to a full-on term of university. I do however, have a few projects that I’ll be working on for the blog. You might have already seen my first City in a Snapshot post, which is the first in a series of posts that I’m hoping to do. I’m trying to make them as a bit of a city guide, some of them as itineraries and others like a ‘quick tip’, ‘must-see’ kind of post and I’m hoping people will find them helpful! I am also hoping, with the help of my friends, to create a quick four part series of posts about life after school. My friends …

Currently: January 2015

Haven’t done one since August, so here we go; here’s me, currently: CURRENTLY: Reading: Daughter by Jane Shemilt Watching: Broadchurch and The Musketeers. Listening to: an assortment of awesome music Dreaming of: what I’m going to be doing once I graduate this year Planning: My trip back home (it’s so soon!) Making: some different dinner dishes Enjoying: My last few weeks in Cardiff with my flatmates Eating: healthier… let’s see how long it lasts Excited for: Exams to be over Goal setting: be prepared for my exam Learning: French by playing Quiz Up Lusting over: Chocolate truffles that one of my flatmates gave me for secret santa

Currently: August 2014

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here ya go: CURRENTLY: Reading: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell  Watching: Teen Wolf and Doctor Who (it’s baaaack!) Listening to: Ed Sheeran, Troye Sivan + more Dreaming of: Hanging out with Harry Styles (literally- I had a dream about this, no joke) Planning: Freshers Week in Cardiff! Making: blog posts Enjoying: the wifi while I have it Eating: lots of yummy French food Excited for: the UK, Freshers and Uni Goal setting: saving up to try see my friend the next hols Learning: more French. Very very slowly though Lusting over: Nothing really… Just enjoying what I have (that’s a first)

Update: August 2014

This month has been a very chilled and relaxing month for me. I’ve been spending time on the farm that my aunty works on, pretty much doing nothing (and that’s a good thing). It’s been a lot of meeting new people, millions of cheek kisses and lots of delicious food. It’s crazy to think that in just over three weeks I’ll be waving goodbye to the farm life and going back to big cities for Uni in the UK. These past couple of weeks have been filled with lots of planning for Freshers week in Cardiff, (I am so excited,) finding my fellow flatmates and enrolling etc. It’s definitely making me more and more excited, and I’m already dreading having to leave, despite not even being there yet! I still have a lot to catch up on blogging-wise, it’s difficult without wifi on the farm (I have to drive 10 minutes away to even get 3G), but I’ll get there slowly and surely, especially once I get to Cardiff. Expect posts about Nice, Monaco, more …

Queen Ellie and 2 Weeks to Go

Last night was my last day working at my job at Vector Arena for the year, and what better way to end it than seeing the beautiful and talented Ellie Goulding! Wow, she is amazing! In other exciting news, it is exactly TWO WEEKS until I am off on my adventures! The excitement is building, as are the nerves! Now it’s time to make sure all the paper work and things are in order. I also received my camera in the mail. I’ve been playing around with it and really liking it! I’m excited to start vlogging in a week’s time, don’t know what there is to vlog about yet, but I’ll find something! Hope everyone’s well! A

My Travel Bucket List (2014/15)

Okay, so I don’t think this bucket-list is going to be incredibly adventurous, but my excuse is; it’s my first BIG independent trip. These are not in any particular order, but are just some of my goals and hopes for this upcoming trip.  Be able to hold a basic conversation in French: Because I’m going to be staying in France for around 3 months with an Aunt who knows limited-no English, I’m hoping that this will force me to use what little French I know and develop it a whole heap more! Try 9 new foods/dishes: I’m usually quite an adventurous eater, I’ll give almost everything a go. The only thing I’ve not been able to eat has been chicken feet at Yum Cha. If I was in another country and that was one of their traditional foods I’d totally eat it, at the moment though, not really my cuppa tea.  And why 9 foods you ask? Just simply because 9 is my lucky number. Make friends with people from at least 5 different countries: …