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Busing around Los Angeles | Vlog

Last month you may have spied my blog post about my first full day in Los Angeles and now I have a lil vlog to accompany it. I was uhm-ing and ahh-ing about uploading this, as I’m slightly self-conscious/ wasn’t particularly feelin’ myself this day haha, but in the end, because my camera stuffed up and I have no footage of my time at Disney, I thought I’d make up for it with everything I filmed from Los Angeles. So here you go: Enjoy. And definitely check out my blog post about this all for a more in-depth run down.  

Flying to Los Angeles | Vlog

At the beginning of the week I posted a blog post giving a quick run down of my flight from Auckland to Los Angeles and now I have a vlog to accompany it. It’s mostly just a collation of footage of me in the plane and bus, but there will be a couple more in-depth vlogs of my few days in Los Angeles coming up soon. In the meantime check this one down below and be sure to check out some of my other vlogs during my time in Europe.      

It Took Me 3 Days To Get Home! | Vlog

If you remember what I was up to in January this year, you may remember I was making my way home from the UK, and it took me three days! From Cardiff to London, to Paris, to Hong Kong and finally home to Auckland it was a pretty tiring and long journey home. I wrote two blog posts about it, Part 1 and Part 2, but I also had some footage of the long trip which I thought I’d share with you. The very last footage of my Europe Trip. Enjoy tout le monde!

Throwback Thursday: The Louvre in Paris

It’s a throwback to my time in Paris last year! I didn’t realise I hadn’t uploaded any photos of the day Moana and I headed to the Louvre for a day trip. After missing out on the Louvre during our first big(ish) trip to Paris we made sure it was on our to-do list this time around. The line was horribly long in the scorching hot sun, but eventually we got in. I’ve been to the Louvre before, during my previous big trip to France when I was 12, but you can never seen the Louvre in a day, so this time around, as well as seeing some of the obvious masterpieces it was wonderful getting to see the things I missed the last time. I think that now I’m a lot older I also appreciated everything a little more, making it a lot more special. As usual I had to grab the audio (in this case 3D visual) guide, because I always love to find out as much as I can about places and things …

Food Photo Friday #20: Crêpes in Paris

Food: Savoury crêpe/ Consumed at: A little corner bistro in Paris/ Date: June 2014 I know it’s two days late, but oh well, you’ll have to live with it! Here’s a little throwback to warmer days while in Paris last year. If you guys were following me last year, you may have seen my travel posts about my time during Paris. The past couple of weeks I’ve been reminiscing about my Europe trip, so I thought it would be fitting to have a FPF from my time away. This crêpe was enjoyed at a little corner bistro just off from Rue de Rivoli accompanied by a bowl of delicious apple cider. This was halfway through our first full day in Paris. I can’t quite remember what was exactly in my crêpe, but from what I can recall it was a savoury crêpe filled with cheese, ham, spinach and an egg and from what I can remember it was really nice! I’m usually more of a sweet crêpe person, nutella and banana is one of my …

Throwback Thursday: Best Trip of My Life

Yesterday marked the date that I left New Zealand to go on my own 7 month adventure armed with two suitcases, a camera and one of my best friends. It is by far the best experience I’ve had in my life so far, so thanks to some of the photos I posted on Instagram, I thought I’d share a timeline of some of my highlights (this is going to be hard,) of the trip below: This was taken as I farewelled my family goodbye at the departure gate. There were lots of tears, but as soon as I was through those gates I was a ball of excitement! PARIS June and July 2014: Moana and I were shown around Paris by a wonderful family friend. We did a lot of touristy things and few not so touristy things. I love Paris, I visited it quite a few times during my trip. GERMANY July 2014: Some down-time on the plane to Germany really made me reflect and appreciate how lucky I was to be having such …

Escaping the city life| Vlog

Last week, my friend Morgaine suggested we head out to her Dad’s new place that he’s just built out in Ramarama, about 20-30 minutes from Central Auckland. Having not seen the house yet, Moana and I agreed that it would be a good chance to also get away from the city. It’s amazing how, despite only being 20 minutes away from the city, the change in pace is almost immediate. It was really lovely to hang out with two friends who I haven’t seen in months, and being able to do it in a relaxing environment out in the country!

Le Petite Train in Nice | Vlog

On our first day in Nice we thought a good way to explore Nice would be by going on a ride on the Petite Train that departs from Promenade des Anglais. I’d done the ride before and had loved seeing the view from the top of the hill, so I thought Moana might enjoy it too. Here’s a  quick vlog of our little trip on the train and a few photos too!