Hong Kong

Despite being half Asian, being a sucker for any kind of Asian food and generally just identifying more with my Asian side, I’m sad to say I haven’t really been to any places in Asia apart from Hong Kong. Both times for a very short stay, as they acted as transit between final destinations.

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Hong Kong Island

I can’t quite remember where my family stayed when we first went to Hong Kong when I was 12, but we stayed with a family friend in a huge high rise apartment that I remember had the coolest swimming pool and playground. I remember walking through the super busy markets and eating yum cha and shopping non-stop because everything was so cheap!

Lantau Island


The highlight of my first trip to Hong Kong was definitely going to Disneyland Hong Kong. It was my first time ever going to Disneyland and I had a blast. I don’t think it was entirely finished when I went, but I’m pretty sure it’s all finished now, so I can guess it will be even better.

On my second trip I caught a public bus to Tung Chung, where I rode the cable car across huge mountains and valleys to visit the giant Tian Tan Buddha and walk around Ngong Ping Village. It was definitely and easy and enjoyable experience, and one that I’d highly recommend.

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