New Zealand

My home, the beautiful country of Aotearoa. I’ve always felt so lucky to have grown up in New Zealand. Everything is a little bit more laid back, Christmas time is during the warm summer months, the beach is just minutes away and you don’t have to go far to go for a lovely walk through native forests.

Despite having lived in New Zealand my entire life (besides living in Europe for seven months just recently), I still haven’t made it to the South Island. I’m from Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand (in comparison to London it’s still tiny, think 1.5 million people in comparison to 6 million people). I think it’s just one of those things where because you live in the country you think, “oh yeah, I can go see that whenever”. However I feel like I’ve got to get my butt down there because it looks absolutely stunning down in the South Island, and I feel like a terrible Kiwi for not having gone before.

Most of my posts about New Zealand will just be about activities and events that I go to around the Auckland area, along with a few holiday posts. Hopefully that will change sometime soon!

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View of Rangitoto Island

My hometown and the biggest city in New Zealand.


  • Have a swim at Piha, a black sand beach
  • Catch the ferry across to Waiheke Island
  • Catch the ferry and hike up Rangitoto Island (pictured on the left)
  • Go up the Auckland Sky Tower, and if you’re brave enough, do the Sky Jump!
  • Visit the Auckland Memorial Museum and learn about New Zealand and its history and culture.
  • Visit One Tree Hill, or Mount Eden to see some of Auckland’s many dormant volcanoes
  • Visit one of Auckland’s many night markets for yummy food and cheap finds.
  • Visit the Auckland Art Gallery to admire some beautiful collections and exhibitions.

Food: Literally the easiest thing to find in Auckland is food. Just stroll through Auckland CBD and you will not be disappointed. With restaurants, cafes and food courts serving food from all across the globe, it won’t be hard to find something that tickles your fancy.



My family’s favourite holiday destination, the Coromandel Peninsula extends out, west of New Zealand’s North Island. With so many beautiful beaches, you can expect many of the popular towns like Whangamata, Tairua, Pauanui and Waihi to be packed with holiday goers in the summer months.

My family usually heads up the hills in Thames and enjoys a few days away from the hustle and bustle of people, filling our days with nature walks and lots of swims in the fresh water rivers and waterholes.

Some of my friends have family baches (holiday homes) around the Coromandel, so my friends and I sometimes head out there for a few days, spending our entire days down at the beach.

I highly recommend heading out to some of the beaches in the Coromandel in the summer time. It’s always a good time.



The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington sits at the bottom of the North Island. Every time I’ve been to Wellington, I’ve always loved it! It is known for it’s vibrancy and apparently has more bars and restaurants per capita than New York City!


  • Visit Te Papa, New Zealand’s National Musuem
  • See Wellington from the top of Mount Victoria
  • Ride the Wellington Cable Car
  • If you’re a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan, check out the Weta Cave mini museum
  • Cuba Street is a favourite of mine, it’s always so vibrant and there and so many cute cafes and shops and street performers out on the pavements entertaining passers-by.

I don’t feel like I’ve really explore Wellington enough but am wanting to go back soon because one of my best friends studies there at the moment, so look out for more things to do sometime soon!

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