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Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong (5 Days in Hong Kong: Part 2)

This series of blogs begins with a sad prologue: The phone that I took all my photos on while I was away has since died before I could get all the photos off it, so the visual storytelling of these posts will be reliant on Snapchat and Instagram posts, so bear with… If you haven’t read about my first day in Hong Kong, you can check that out here. *scroll down for my top tips and insights, otherwise feel free to read on from below* Ok, let’s begin: Day Two in Hong Kong was one I’d been looking forward to as soon as my Mum announced we’d be stopping in Hong Kong for a few days. For me, Disneyland was a given — period. This strong sense of need originates from my previous job: working for Disney World in Orlando, FL back in 2016. It was like a homecoming… except like in a different country, but Disney is Disney. In case you are new to my blog and are unaware, I love public transport. Auckland …