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Bean Boozled Challenge With My Siblings

Last week my younger sister, brother and I were pretty bored so we thought we’d film a challenge video, the challenge? Bean Boozled! The Challenge: The Bean Boozled Challenge requires a box of the Bean Boozled jelly beans which are filled with different coloured jelly-beans. For each colour there are two possible flavours– a ‘good’ flavour and a ‘bad’ flavour. We used a box of version 3 which included the flavours below: I was pretty scared about doing the challenge because there were definitely a lot of flavours I was not looking forward to trying at all. If you want to check out how it went you can check it out on my brother’s channel below:

Food Photo Friday #20: Crêpes in Paris

Food: Savoury crêpe/ Consumed at: A little corner bistro in Paris/ Date: June 2014 I know it’s two days late, but oh well, you’ll have to live with it! Here’s a little throwback to warmer days while in Paris last year. If you guys were following me last year, you may have seen my travel posts about my time during Paris. The past couple of weeks I’ve been reminiscing about my Europe trip, so I thought it would be fitting to have a FPF from my time away. This crêpe was enjoyed at a little corner bistro just off from Rue de Rivoli accompanied by a bowl of delicious apple cider. This was halfway through our first full day in Paris. I can’t quite remember what was exactly in my crêpe, but from what I can recall it was a savoury crêpe filled with cheese, ham, spinach and an egg and from what I can remember it was really nice! I’m usually more of a sweet crêpe person, nutella and banana is one of my …

Dinner and Vlogs

Just a measly 10 days until I am off- up, up and away on my adventure! I’ve been trying to catch up and hang out with my friends who I won’t see while I’m away as much as possible, which is difficult on top of studying. Today (as a break from study,) I started filming and editing some of my first vlogs that I will put up at the start of next week. They’re pretty amateur if I’m honest, but at the moment I’m not too bothered (I’m not trying to be an extraordinary cinematographer or anything). I’ve started with a quick introduction video and I also filmed a travel haul, which is pretty much the video version of the blog post I did a week or so ago. Tonight I also went out to dinner with one of my closest friends, Morgaine, which was absolutely delicious! We went and had dinner at Wagamama and then coffee and dessert at the Coffee Club. Can’t believe how fast the departure day is approaching! Do any of you …