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Food Photo Friday #24: Dinner @ Chow, Wellington

Food: Beef Pho /Consumed at: Chow, Wellington CBD/ Date: June 2015 Chow is a cool Asian-fusion place in Wellington CBD that Georgie and I went to for dinner while I was down in Wellington a couple of months ago to visit. Georgie had been here for a work-do a little while back, so recommended we go there for dinner. When we got there it was so packed that we had to line up to reserve a table (a good indication it’s a good place to eat). The next available table wasn’t going to be free for at least 45 minutes, so after putting our names down, we went to find a cafe to grab a coffee inside while we waited, away from the freezing cold outside. About half an hour later we got a call saying there was a table available so we headed back, got seated and ordered. I went for the Vietnamese Beef Pho (no surprises there), Georgie went for the Jungle Curry and we shared a plate of Beggars Purses which were filled …

Food Photo Friday #22: Chowder @ Cuba St Bistro

Food: Seafood Chowder/ Consumed at: Cuba St Bistro, Wellington/ Date: June 2015 It may not look pretty, but it sure was a delight to eat! This week’s FPF features a big bowl of delish! I know seafood chowder isn’t really everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re unaware, I’m not a very fussy eater (Buzzfeed even confirmed it– I ticked off 4/87) so I’ll eat a bowl of seafood chowder any day. My friend Georgie and I weren’t really sure where we wanted to stop for lunch and were just walking down Cuba St when we stumbled across this bistro. Georgie had heard relatively good things about the place and it looked quite cosy inside so we thought we’d give it a try. The seafood chowder was the soupe du jour which came in two serving sizes. I opted for the smaller serving which was a good call because even the small bowl was incredibly filling. I also bought a bottle of kumbucha to wash it all down with. I’m no seafood chowder expert, but I …

Food Photo Friday #18: Mac’s Brew Bar Wellington

Food: Chips and wedges/ Consumed at: Mac’s Brewbar, Wellington/ Date: June 2015 It’s a few days late, but here’s my Food Photo Friday, 18th edition! After a a visit to Te Papa Museum down at Wellington’s waterfront, we went for a quick re-fuel at Mac’s Brewbar. We just went for the good ‘ol hot chips and wedges and a refreshing lemon, lime and bitters. It was absolutely freezing outside, so it was nice to rug up warm inside the bar. There were also super cute lampshade lanterns that hung from the ceiling giving everything a really welcoming and eclectic feel. I can imagine in the summer time it would be the perfect place to have a few drinks and enjoy the evening sun and warmth. This time round though, inside was definitely the best option!

Food Photo Friday #17: Fab Quesadillas @ Fidel’s

Food: Quesadillas & Salt and Pepper Squid/ Consumed at: Fidel’s, Cuba St, Wellington/ Date: 24 June 2015 Located on the coolest street in Wellington and with raving reviews I was super excited for my lunch at Fidel’s. We went there for lunch on my last day in Wellington, it was cold and windy, so as nice as the outdoor seating looked, indoors was our best bet. I kicked off my lunch with a caramel latte (standard,) while Georgie went for the Snickers shake which is supposed to be aaaaamazing. For food I chose the Ropa Veija Quesadilla which comprised of a “folded tortilla filled with tender beef shoulder slow braised in tomato, garlic and chilli, served with tomato salsa, guacamole and an iceberg lettuce slaw.” I accompanied this with salt & pepper squid served with lemon and aioli. The verdict? I really liked the quesadillas and accompanied with the guac and salsa made it even better. I’m not a huge fan of coleslaw, so ideally I wouldn’t have had that with it, but eaten with the …

Wellington: An Overview, thanks Snapchat.

At the end of last week I went to Wellington and, millennial that I am, I just had to document it all. I thought I’d do something a bit different this time and show you a quick overview of what I got up to while I was down in Wellington via my Snapchat story (it’s mostly just me documenting all the food I ate). Oh and if you want you can follow me on snapchat @midgetmuch (I hate that I can’t change my name). I’m not really that interesting though. And there you have it! A very quick (totally 1080p quality) overview of what I did while I was in Wellington which, in short, was just eating most of the time. I have a few more in-depth posts coming soon. One which will be a run-down on the cool places I went to eat and another on the powerful Gallipoli exhibition I went to at Te Papa. Anyone else been to Wellington recently or live in Wellington? What’s your favourite thing to do?  

Food Photo Friday #16: The Little Waffle Shop

Food: Jelly Tip Waffle/ Consumed at: Little Waffle Shop, Wellington/ Date: 23 June 2015 So I saw someone post a photo of beautifully delicious looking waffles on Instagram and I needed to know where and how I could get some for myself. Lucky for me they had gotten it from a tiny place called The Little Waffle Shop down in Wellington. Although I live up in Auckland, I was going down to Welly for a few days so it was obviously meant to be. It was a horribly cold and windy night when my friend and I went down to Courtenay Place to get them. I went for the limited topping of the week: Jelly tip. It was a freshly made waffle topped with raspberry jelly, chocolate drops, a dollop of cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce and a dusting of icing sugar. It was soooo good. Just looking at it now makes me want more. It was a deliciously decadent dessert. One was definitely enough. And that’s a good thing. My friend G went for …

Throwback Thursday: Wellington 2013

Back in 2013 I went down to Wellington with my friend Moana to visit our friend who was in her first year studying down in New Zealand’s capital city. In anticipation for my trip down there this weekend, I was flicking through some pictures I took while I was there last time and thought I’d post a few. Can’t wait to get back down there, just two more days to go!

Burnt Out, But…One Week Until Wellington!

It’s been a while, four months actually, since I’ve been on a plane, but in exactly one week’s time I’ll be on another big mechanical bird flying out of Auckland to visit New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. It might not be a long-haul flight to tackle an adventure on the other side of the world, but it’s still something I am very very excited about because this has been one hell of a semester at uni. Uni burn-out season has arrived at my doorstep. It’s that time of the semester when the semester is drawing to a close and everyone has all their deadlines at one time and are working so furiously at all hours of the day and night that the body just can’t cope and konks out. Probably more accurately known as disorganisation and bad time management. Exhibit A: ME – Currently curled up in bed with a sore throat and the sniffles, sipping on a hot cup water with lemon and honey. This is what uni does to you people. (This is slightly …