An island country in the South Pacific formerly known as the New Hebrides, this little island nation is still largely untouched, and one of the less commercial places to have a lovely holiday. It’s also where my Dad was born!

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Port Vila 

Vanuatu 2013

Because my Dad is from Vanuatu and because it’s so close to New Zealand, I’ve been going on trips to Vanuatu since I was very young. Some of the highlights include driving around the entire island of Efate (where Port Vila is) and swimming in the crystal clear lagoons on the other side of the island. Visiting and buying fresh produce from the outdoor market was always a highlight, I would always a grab a bag of roasted peanuts. Ferrying over to Hideaway Island is also a must, where you can snorkel and also try to dive down and see the under water post-office.

I’ve also been to one of the outer islands, Emae, which is the island where my Dad is originally from. It is definitely not a touristy place, as everyone living there is still very isolated from the rest of the world, and are still living very similarly to how they lived 100 years ago.

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